Devil May Cry 5 Demo Brought Up During Dante Livestream

Capcom Community Manager Matt Edwards, Director Hideaki Itsuno, and Producer Matt Walker recently gave people an inside peek at Devil May Cry 5, with a livestream where Dante took center stage. It may have gotten people wondering when they can play. Well, it will be a while, as they revealed the company still has no updates regarding the release of a possible public demo.

Near the stream’s end, fans inquired about a potential Devil May Cry 5 demo. Walker answered that the team “unfortunately has nothing to announce at this time.” However, he did reiterate that Capcom is “always thinking about the fans.” We have no idea what this may mean, but it may make some feel hopeful.

Watch as Dante hacks and slashes in impeccable style in the gameplay footage below:

Dante battled a slew of different enemies throughout the livestream. According to Itsuno and Walker, the development team created different designs for many of DMC5’s “normal” enemy types, in an effort to avoid visual repetition.

Edwards, who played the game on stream, demonstrated the four different fight styles players will be able to switch between. Fight styles can be changed during play and are represented in the HUD’s top-left corner. While Edwards made sure to give each of the fighting styles some attention, he primarily focused on Royalguard, a style featured in both DMC3 and DMC4.

Since DMC5’s E3 2018 reveal, Capcom has steadily released new information about the franchise’s newest entry. For instance, it plans to ship the game with a photo mode and training mode. The training mode, referred to as The Void, recently received an in-depth showcase in a “first look” video.

Devil May Cry 5 will release on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 8, 2019.