Two Worlds II Prepares to Show Off Violence and Nudity

January 5, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

While Two Worlds II as seen its fair share of delays, the final North American and UK release date is quickly approaching. Along with it will be a slew of adult elements including violence, nudity, vulgarity, and more.

The ESRB has officially given the North American version of Two Worlds II a Mature rating. The following elaborate details were subsequently posted:

Injured enemies grunt or scream in pain and emit large splashes of blood that stain the ground; some attacks result in bone-crunching sound effects. Players can also slash at unarmed townsfolk who cry out in protest (e.g., “No, please! Stop it! Get away!”); some cutscenes depict creatures that have been impaled on large spikes. Other sequences include references to prostitution and sexual material (e.g., “Men pay women for their company, nothing more. It never becomes physical unless the girl wants it to” and “[He] did force himself on me. He invited me over under the false pretense of discussing an exam I failed.”). One quest allows players to access journal entries that reference explicit sexual fantasies of submission and bondage. In one cutscene, a female character’s buttocks are exposed as she seductively approaches a male character. Language such as “****” and “****” can be heard in the dialogue.

If you’re interested in this RPG developed by Polish developer Reality Pump, and you aren’t at least 17 years of age, then you might have to wait. The original Two Worlds title back in 2007 was no stranger to mature elements, and judging by the description above, it looks like the second won’t either.

The UK and North American versions of Two Worlds II will be showing some skin on January 25th.