2K Sports Revives the Million Dollar Challenge in MLB 2K11

January 7, 2011Written by Corey Schwanz

Around this time last year, 2K Sports announced the “Million Dollar Challenge” for MLB 2K10 giving gamers a chance to win a whopping $1,000,000. If you plan on picking up the game, you better get those batting skills ready, because it looks like it’s coming back.

The challenge is baseball fans. Do you think you have the skills to win a million dollars? If you can pitch with the big boys, the challenge is to pitch a Perfect Game, a feat the SHOULD be nigh impossible. While 2K Sports thought it would be more of a marketing stunt last year, they didn’t expect someone to win on the very first day of the challenge. But it looks like it gave them some good press, Vice President of Marketing Jason Argent thinks that it’s another good idea.

I don’t know if we’re smart or just insane. The million-dollar bounty’s back. I just walked out of a meeting with our chief financial officer; budgeting for this sort of thing is a bit of a challenge when you can’t say exactly when you’re going to pay it.

The guy who won the challenge last year, Wade McGilberry, was nothing short of a fairy tale. After pitching and recording the game, he had to wait an entire month for 2K Sports to verify the particulars before they could make the official payout. McGilberry ended up using the million dollar prize to pay off the mortgage on his house and start a family. Not bad for being in his early twenties and playing a video game.

There will be a few changes to this year’s contest. First, the age limit will actually be lowered from 18 and up to anyone over 13 years old. Second, the competition will not start until Opening Day of the Major League Baseball season, March 31st. Last year it started on release day. This way, everyone will get a chance to practice and get used to the game. So get ready! The winner could be you!