DC Universe Online Experiences a Successful First Week of Stardom

Only days ago, DC Comic fans were spoiled with a new online title suited perfectly for their tastes, DC Universe Online. After months of beta testing and fan feedback, Sony has released the game to what appears to be a rather successful first few days if the latest press release is anything to go by.

For the MMO junkies out there, today is riddled with some great news. Due to the initial success of DC Universe Online, Sony will be expanding its server count by two servers to accommodate extra players. An official press release states:

Due to the incredible response from new heroes and villains in DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is giving players two new servers for Player vs. Player (PvP) combat. The new PC server is named “Cry for Blood,” while the new PS3 server is named “Blood Will Run.” This increases the total number of servers in North America from 14 to 16. Now players have two new game worlds where heroes and villains can fight each other while progressing through the game.

This provides some quality insight into the current state of DC Universe Online. A good handful of MMORPGs have released to harsh criticism over the past few years, and as a result, their developers have consolidated servers to account for the drop in player activity and subscriptions. The question is, will DCUO manage to maintain its playerbase, or will it struggle to survive like games such as Final Fantasy XIV, unequivocally damaging its developer and publisher? DCUO’s first big test will come at the end of the month when launch-day gamer’s free 30 day subscription expires.

Are you one of the many gamers playing DCUO, or are you put off by subscription based MMOs?