Final Fantasy XIV Delayed, Team Restructured

In 2009, during the Microsoft press conference at E3, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be going multiplatform. Outraged ensued and many fans felt betrayed. The very next day at Sony’s news conference, in hope of calming the masses, Jack Tretton announced that Final Fantasy XIV would be coming exclusively to the PS3 and PC, and some nerves were calmed. Unfortunately, it has been a waiting game since then, and looks like that is only going to increase.

Just two months ago, Final Fantasy XIV released on the PC, and was an overall underwhelming experience, that was met with harsh criticism. Now, it seems like there are some major changes coming its way, with the first change coming to the team behind it. The Final Fantasy XIV team is getting brand new leadership, as well as a complete restructuring of the entire team, in the hopes that the change will improve the quality.

This will have major implications for the PS3 version. Square Enix is not going to simply release the same hampered version that appeared on the PC, so this means yet another delay. Therefore, the original March 2011 release date has been thrown out the window.

Although no new release date has been given, judging by how poorly the PC version was received, a reorganizing of the team and a delay will be best for everyone.