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final fantasy 14 expansion

Become One of Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers in Summer 2019

Become the Warrior of Darkness.

final fantasy xiv breast cancer

The Final Fantasy XIV Community Got Together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The confetti is a nice touch.

final fantasy 14 halloween

Final Fantasy XIV’s Halloween Event is Now Live

Adventurers are getting spooky.

ddos attacks

DDoS Attackers Target Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix to Coordinate With ISPs

Just when we thought 2018 was going smoothly.

final fantasy 14 prelude in violet

Final Fantasy XIV Prelude in Violet Update Is Live

Final Fantasy XIV, you’re turning violet!

Final Fantasy 14 Anniversary

Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates Reaching 14 Million Players

Celebrate good times!

final fantasy 14 fan festival tickets

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Tickets Available on General Release

An event as large as the game itself.

Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy

FF XIV and Monster Hunter: World Collaboration Adds Trail, Goods and More

Count me in!

monster hunter behemoth

Monster Hunter: World x Final Fantasy XIV Behemoth Event Gets Release Window

Chocobos in Monster Hunter when?

final fantasy 14 4.35 patch

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.35 Adds New Deep Dungeon and Hildibrand Quests

Deep dive into another Deep Dungeon.

behemoth monster hunter world

The Behemoth is Coming to Monster Hunter: World

Hunt it down and claim your prize!

final fantasy monster hunter

E3 2018: Final Fantasy XIV Monster Hunter: World Crossover Announced

Square Enix and Capcom are teaming up!

final fantasy xiv under the moonlight details 2

Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.3 is Officially Out Now

Go download now!

final fantasy xiv under the moonlight details

More Details on Final Fantasy XIV’s Under the Moonlight Update is Here!

This is gonna be a really big patch, Kupo!

Final Fantasy XIV Under the Moonlight

Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.3 Will Launch in May With Tons of Content

Next chapter of the raid series, new dungeon, and more.

ffxiv gear design contest

Final Fantasy XIV Is Holding Another Gear Design Contest for Creative Players

Now is the time to unleash the “Raging Demonic Armor of the Seven Millenial Treasures” concept you always thought of!

Weekly Rewind

Weekly Rewind: God of War, Black Ops 4 Rumors, New Kingdom Hearts III World

Ramping up towards E3!

Patch 4.3 for Final Fantasy XIV Makes Players Stroll Under the Moonlight Inside the Swallow’s Compass

New Scenario. New Dungeon. Same old Final Fantasy goodness.

final fantasy 14 patch

Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Patch Brings Companion App, Ivalice’s Ridorana Lighthouse to Eorzea

The app will have an optional premium plan.