PlayStation Move Heroes Will Define Motion in March

PlayStation Move owners have been treated to some technological feats such as Sports Champions, but PlayStation Move Heroes is the co-operative experience that they’ve all been waiting patiently for. Evidence last week suggested a March release date, and it looks like it was accurate.

The PlayStation Blog has announced that PlayStation Move Heroes will be hitting retailers on March 22nd for the budget price of only $39.99. Surprisingly, the game will include a story to follow, and Associate Product Marketing Manager Cristian Cardona replied to a comment with the following:

There’s actually a full story surrounding the game and why they’re all together (more on that later).

PlayStation Move Heroes throws you behind the reigns of PlayStation icons including Clank, Daxter, Bentley, Jak, Sly, Bentley, and Ratchet. Although it requires a PlayStation Move controller, its teamwork mechanics and use of accurate motion technology in a fun way makes it one of the most enjoyable looking games of the year. As a sign of strength behind Sony’s 2011 line-up, this title will debut on the same date as Tomb Raider Trilogy, so plan your exclusive purchases accordingly, and there will plenty more to follow.