Two New Characters Confirmed for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

The rumors were true. Capcom has officially announced two new challengers to join the ranks of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. While one of them was somewhat assumed, the other, comes as a total shock to many.

Capcom announced two new characters joining MvC3: Akuma and Taskmaster. Representing Capcom, Akuma has been part of the Street Fighter Universe for quite some time, and has had notable rivalry with Ryu among several others which makes him an excellent choice.

Taskmaster on the other hand is a unique and interesting choice to represent Marvel this go around. While possessing no super-human abilities he does have one amazing gift: Photographic Memory that connects directly to his “muscle memory”.  This ability allows him to duplicate the abilities of others he watches without practice–as long as it’s physically possible by a non-powered human being.

Both characters, however, will need to be unlocked. Akuma is unlocked at 2000pp and Taskmaster at 8000pp. The new characters can be unlocked by playing singleplayer, participating in multiplayer action or engaging in some of the various other modes within the game.