Celebrate Secret Invasion With 5 Marvel Games That Feature Skrulls

With Secret Invasion releasing a new episode every week on Disney+, let’s look at a few of the many Marvel games that feature Skrulls — the shape-shifting aliens at the center of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

Fantastic Four (1997)

Given the Fantastic Four is all about exploration and gaining knowledge, it makes sense that an alien species with wild powers like the Skrulls would frequently appear in media involving Marvel’s first family. This includes the 1997 PlayStation game.

The PS1 Fantastic Four game got pretty harsh reviews upon release, but it does feature the Skrull homeworld — one of the many times it would be threatened by Galactus across different mediums.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006)

To this day, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is held in high esteem by Marvel fans and gamers alike. The game sees many of Marvel’s most iconic characters band together to take on a wide variety of massive threats, from the murderous Arcade to Doctor Doom. The game features a section on the Skrull Planet, as well as an appearance from Kl’rt the Super-Skrull as a boss. You can actually choose to save the Skrulls and their planet from Galactus, leading to a partnership between humans and Skrulls.

The game has been rereleased, though it was taken back down in some regions, assumedly due to licensing agreements. If it ever goes back up on sale on modern consoles to promote an Avengers movie, be sure to grab it while you can.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013)

Lego games are always a straightforward delight to play through, especially when they feature characters from a franchise you enjoy. Lego Marvel Super Heroes brought together characters from every corner of the Marvel universe, from the X-Men to the Fantastic Four.

Amongst the 180 playable characters in the game is the previously mentioned Kl’rt the Super-Skrull, played by voice acting legend John DiMaggio. You have to melt a block of ice that has his character token in it to unlock him, but his Fantastic Four-based powers make him more than worth unlocking.

Marvel’s Avengers: Battle for Earth (2012)

Marvel’s Avengers: Battle for Earth certainly isn’t the one that people typically think of when they hear “Marvel fighting game,” but it’s an interesting little game despite being quickly forgotten after release. The title is largely based on the Skrull-focused Secret Invasion comic storyline, so it makes sense for Skrulls to feature heavily.

Super Skrull is one again playable, while the antagonists include Queen Veranke and a variety of Skrull imposters disguised as Earth’s mightiest heroes. If you’ve ever read the 2008 Marvel Comics storyline, you’ll find a lot of aspects of this game to be quite familiar.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (2011)

We talked a bit about Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 earlier, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s one of Capcom’s finest fighting games, which is saying a lot given the studio’s pedigree when it comes to that genre. The wide range of characters from both companies make for an incredibly diverse roster, which once again includes Super Skrull.

The character shines here more than in any other game adaptation, as he’s able to utilize all of the Fantastic Four members’ powers with his different specials and super attacks. Plus, the quotes he has between different characters pay homage to plenty of great comic moments. A lot of care went into portraying all these characters well, making this a blast of a game for comic fans in addition to fighting game fans.

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