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Kingdom Hearts Sleeping Over Once More?

January 20, 2011Written by Corey Schwanz

Kingdom Hearts has become one of the staple Square Enix franchises since its debut over eight years ago. So why is it that we’ve seen more spin-off titles than official entries in the series?

Quite a few of the Kingdom Hearts games end up getting re-released with a little extra content on the end. These “Final Mix” versions have never made it outside of Japan, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t find out what’s on them. Birth by Sleep had its own Final Mix rendition, and released not that long ago in the Land of the Rising Sun. What is at the end? Well why don’t you watch, so lovingly provided for you. Be warned, there may be some spoilers for those who haven’t played the PSP gem yet.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Volume 2? That’s what the trailer says, so I’m not one to argue. At least they didn’t name it 0.5 like it looked for a moment. But what does it mean? That trailer spans footage from both of the other two “main” entries to the series, so it isn’t known when the game will actually take place. The original BbS was technically a prequel, so how will it fit in to the canon now?

I just want Kingdom Hearts III for the PlayStation 3 at this point. Is that too much to ask?