Necromorphs Unleashed in Latest Dead Space 2 Dev Diary

January 20, 2011Written by Adam Wolfe

It’s no surprise that Dead Space 2 looks to offer just as good of a storyline, if not better, than the original. What may be a surprise is that Dead Space 2 will be offering an all new multiplayer mode, and with most gamers having a general knowledge of how the human side will play, what many may be wondering, is exactly how will the necromorphs play? Thankfully, Visceral games have released a dev diary showing off this interesting side of the multiplayer.

The latest dev diary takes a look at multiplayer “Through the Eyes of the Necromorphs”. Visceral Games Producer, Scott Probst, takes us through the four necromorph classes, showcasing each classes unique abilities, as well as letting us know what advantages necromorphs will have over their human counterparts.

See full video below:

From spawning in air ducts, to being able to see humans through walls, necromorphs excel at getting the drop on their opponents, but will this all pan out in the end? Find out if this all works as planned, when Dead Space 2 hits store shelves next week.