Asura Lays Down the Wrath in HD Screenshots

January 23, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

Previously, Playstation LifeStyle brought you the news on a monstrous trailer for Asura’s Wrath, and a few smaller images to go with it. The latest high-res images have been released, and they may do the game more justice than the trailer.

The most recent trailer of Asura’s Wrath shows Seiji Shimoda’s promise to allow players to experience the “feeling of pure rage and the drama themed around the fundamental human emotion of anger.” With the speed of action in the trailer, details like the attention to the character models, the designs and grooves on Asura’s body, the shadow effects, and even the scale of some of the bosses could easily be missed. Thankfully, the release of the HD images gives fans an opportunity to see what this upcoming hack-and-slash title will offer you on your HDTV.