Kage Is Getting an Asura’s Wrath Costume in Street Fighter V

More Street Fighter V Arcade Edition content is coming, this time in the form of two new costumes for Kage and Balrog. Starting on September 27, 2019, an Asura costume from the action game Asura’s Wrath will become available in Extra Battle for Kage. In addition, Balrog will be getting a new No Escape boxing costume, complete with boxing gloves, shorts, and boots. Balrog’s costume will be available in Fighting Chance starting on September 17th.

Check out the tweets from the official Street Fighter Twitter page below to see the new content. Here’s what Kage looks like dressed as Asura:

And here’s Balrog in his new No Escape costume:

Since Capcom doesn’t show any signs of releasing a new Asura’s Wrath game, playing with the Asura costume in Street Fighter V might be the next best thing. Although, we won’t rule out a new entry just yet, as stranger things have happened.

Also, don’t forget to get the new Halloween-themed costumes for E. Honda and Poison starting on September 17th. There’s a new spooky stage for you to purchase too. Street Fighter V has content planned until at least 2020, so we’ll keep you updated with more updates as they become available.

Will you be jumping into Street Fighter V to check out the new gear? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]