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PlayStation Phone Turns Up on Ebay, Buy it Now for $2500

The recent downpour of NGP news has overshadowed Sony’s other handheld device – the PlayStation Phone. Sony has been mum on the smartphone with PlayStation controls, even despite last night’s announcement of the PlayStation Suite and PlayStation Certified Android devices. But even without any real information or an official unveiling, you can still get your hands on one.

A user on Ebay has listed a prototype model of the Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1, also known as the Xperia Play or the PlayStation Phone. The listing claims it to be “authentic” and comes with a battery, data cable, charger and a headset. How they got their hands on the device is unknown and they’re unlikely to divulge such details.

If you’re the gotta-have-it-now type and have a particularly padded wallet, head on over to the Ebay auction now to place your bid. Bidding starts at $1000, or you can opt to Buy It Now for the not at all ridiculous price of $2500.

Remember, because a carrier hasn’t been revealed, don’t expect to be able to use this as a phone without some tinkering – even then, you may not be able to. And you never know if it will ever be able to access the PlayStation Suite. At least you’ll have some serious bragging rights.

We love PlayStation. We love Android. But even we aren’t biting on this one. Though, it is very tempting. Then again, let me check my Paypal balance…