PlayStation Move Heroes Gets Some Special Bundle Treatment

It’s been a few months since Move came out, and while software has been limited, the approaching line-up is staggering. Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, Sorcery, and PlayStation Move Heroes are just a few fine examples of what Sony has in-store for gamers looking to get their move on. If you’ve been waiting for the Move to prove itself with some quality software, then you’re in luck this March.

If you’re been eying PlayStation Move Heroes with glee, but don’t have a Move controller yet, then Toys “R” Us has the solution for you. On March 22nd, the release date of PlayStation Move Heroes, Toys “R” Us will be hosting an exclusive Move bundle that includes the PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move controller, and the upcoming co-op hit PlayStation Move Heroes. This special bundle will be reasonably priced with a price tag of only $99, similar to the current Sports Champions bundle.

Below is the special box that it’ll come in:

PlayStation Move Heroes features several PlayStation stars including Ratchet, Sly, and Jak, and will feature a wide-array of fun co-op scenarios for you and a buddy of yours to get your hands on. Look out for both the PlayStation Move Heroes bundle, as well as the game on March 22nd.