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Father of PlayStation Quiet on NGP

January 30, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

Everyone knows that Ken Kutaragi is considered the father of not only the PS1, PS2, PS3, but also the PSP. Though he stepped down early 2007 from his position within the PlayStation brand, he still remains a well-known figure for his past contributions to gaming. The NGP is the very first PlayStation console or handheld that Kutaragi isn’t responsible for. So what does the father of PlayStation have to say about Sony’s new device?

After the presentation Kutaragi was asked what he thought of where the PSP was headed, he simply stated:

I’ve already turned over the reigns. Ask Hirai.

Then of course he had to add this at the end.

No comment.

Considering Kutaragi’s impact on the PlayStation brand in the past would you have liked to see what he honestly thought about the future of NGP?