War Permeates with Exclusive EB Games Homefront Collector’s Edition

January 31, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

If you’re a fan of controversy, and dabble in first-person shooters from time to time, then Homefront is likely on your wish list. Korea is now only two short months away from invading North American shores, and if you really like that premise, you may want to look at the collector’s edition version for its extra items.

EB Games Australia has revealed an exclusive collector’s edition version of Homefront. The collector’s edition is said to include the following items:

  • Homefront Game
  • Propaganda Booklet
  • Shotgun DLC
  • Concept Art Card
  • Cloth Patch
  • Multiplayer Unlock Pack

This item was just posted today, so there’s a good chance it’ll also be available in Europe and North America once their sites update. The package is priced at $108, which is MSRP for all new releases in Australia. If you’re interested, then you only have to wait until March 28th, so keep your eye out for this reasonable package in your country.