Dead Space 2 Sales Figures Impress

There is no doubt that fans of the survival horror genre had a lot to love about the first Dead Space, unfortunately this did not amount to massive sales. While it sold over a million copies, according to EA “it didn’t hit expectations”. So with the series seemingly riding on the success of the sequel, EA has revealed some quite impressive figures.

Dead Space 2 just hit store shelves last week, but EA is already reporting huge sales figures. During an investors call, EA chief operating office, John Schappert, had this to say about Dead Space 2:

[Dead Space] is approaching two million units sold…. double the sell through of the original Dead Space

These numbers are quite impressive, especially since it has only been on the market for a week. Judging by the reviews scores, as well as the sales figures, it looks like this series won’t be going anywhere soon.