Yet Another Demo Coming To Plus Members First

#20 - Yakuza 4

With each passing month, PlayStation Plus content is getting better and better. First, we were treated to the DC Universe Online beta, and then last week, the Killzone 3 demo was announced that it would be coming to Plus members a week before everyone else. Now, yet another demo will be heading to PS Plus members a little earlier.

Sega has announced that the Yakuza 4 demo will be coming to PS Plus members on February 15th, the same day as the Killzone 3 singleplayer demo, and then to everyone else on the 22nd. The demo will allow gamers to play as each of the four characters, so you can experience all of their different fighting styles.

This will only be a taste of what the full game will offer, which you can try for yourself when it release on March 15th in the US, and the 18th in Europe.