Dragon Age II Demo Unsheaths Its Sword

In the last few weeks, there have been countless rumors that there would be a demo for Dragon Age II. Until now, Bioware had only dismissed it as speculation. However, today the speculation becomes fact.

EA and Bioware have officially announced the Dragon Age II demo. Hitting PSN on February 22nd, the demo will allow players to select from three different classes, as you venture through the prologue. The demo will help to introduce you to the main character Hawk, as well as meet one of his romantic interests, Isabela, who is located in a brand new area called Kirkwall. You will also have the chance to hone some of your skills and abilities. Finally, when you complete the demo you will unlock Hayder’s Razor, which is a dwarven blade that  increases health, mana, and combat abilities — which then can be used in the full retail release of Dragon Age II.

This demo is just a small sample of what gamers will be in for when Dragon Age II releases on March 8th in North America, and March 11th in Europe.