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It’s Finally Time for Aya’s 3rd Birthday

After a development cycle that has spanned nearly 3 years, it’s finally time. Square Enix has given North American PSP fans a date for Aya’s 3rd Birthday. It was announced yesterday that North American PSP owners will be able to play the next title in the Parasite Eve saga on March 29. The 3rd Birthday will be released on UMD only with a retail price of $29.99.

Square Enix wanted the main characters in the game to to convey real emotion. To carry that out, they have secured a celebrity voice cast. Yvonne Strahovski of NBC’s Chuck and Jensen Ackles of Supernatural, Smallville and who recently did impressive voice work in Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Unlike its Japanese counterpart, The 3rd Birthday will not be available on the PSN. With the upcoming NGP around the corner, and Sony’s commitment to work with content providers to get digital versions of PSP titles on the PSN, it seems logical this may find it’s way to Sony’s next handheld.

With Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy arriving on the PSP on March 22nd, and The 3rd Birthday March 29, PSP owners will much to keep them busy as they slowly transition to the NGP.