Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Screens (And Trailer) Show Massive Potential for PSP Remaster Program

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the exciting news that Sony is working on a program called “PSP Remaster“, one that will introduce some of the best PlayStation Portable titles to the PlayStation 3 in HD form. The first title planned is the recently released Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, a game that has only been released in Japan, but managed to become the best-selling PSP title of all-time in its respective country. In anticipation of its console release, Capcom is already showcasing a few screenshots for the PS3 remaster, and we have them right here.

[Update] We’ve got the trailer, too!


The first ever Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD screenshots are viewable below:

Given the PlayStation Portable’s native resolution of 480×272, these HD screenshots are impressive. Just as we saw with the PlayStation 2 HD collections, PSP conversions will have tons of hardware room to explore, something that can be huge going into the future. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD has been an incredibly successful game, and there are several other PSP releases that were outstanding, but millions have never had the chance to enjoy them. Sony’s new program has a lot of potential, and we’re cheerful to see what else is in store.