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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Screens (And Trailer) Show Massive Potential for PSP Remaster Program

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the exciting news that Sony is workingRead the full article…

PSP Titles to be Remastered on the PS3

Fans of Monster Hunter Portable may want to grab a hold ofRead the full article…

Another Century Knocks Monster Hunter From Its Throne

For the first time in over a month Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is not the number one selling game in Japan.

Two New Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Bundles Announced

To say Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has been rather successful would beRead the full article…

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Laps the Competition

Things have been going so well for the game actually that a mere 17 days after its release, it has become the fastest selling game in Capcom history.

Japan Experiences Two Impressive Debuts on Sony Hardware

Following great numbers for Gran Turismo 5 which came in at almost 500K sold, Sony sees those numbers heavily boosted this past week with the debuts of Tales of Graces F on the PS3 and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the PSP.