PSP Titles to be Remastered on the PS3

Fans of Monster Hunter Portable may want to grab a hold of something sturdy for this particular piece of news. Ever wanted to play your favorite portable series at home on the big screen, with amplified visuals? Well then are you in for a treat.

Sony has revealed an entirely new program for the PlayStation 3. Titled “PSP Remaster,” this will act much like the HD collections we have seen for PS2 titles, however in this case it is PlayStation Portable games that are being upscaled. Each game that releases on this program will include upgraded, HD visuals, Dualshock 3 compatibility, PS3-exclusive content, and some titles will even feature 3D functionality. The first title to be remade in this way is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This is fitting, given that the popular game quickly became Capcom‘s bestselling title ever. it will be upgraded with all the features mentioned above, and will be titled Monster Hunter Portable HD. Japan is the first region to experience this new program, but other regions may follow suit should this prove to be successful. This echoes unsubstantiated rumors that the PSP God of War series would be remastered for the PS3.

With E3 right around the corner, we may have some more concrete plans detailed from Sony, and as always you can read about it here as soon as any more details trickle in.