Dungeon Siege III Plans to Commence Battle in May

It was only half a year ago we heard that the Dungeon Siege series will be coming to consoles for its first time. Titled Dungeon Siege III, the latest installment is the first in the series to be developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and will include an array of new design choices. But when will this RPG be hitting store shelves?

Obsidian Entertainment is preparing to unleash Dungeon Siege III in North America on May 24th, while Europe will see its debut on May 27th.

I left E3 last year with positive impressions for this RPG. It’s a dungeon-crawler, so if you don’t like battling your way through a cave full of enemies then you might not feel at home, but the gameplay is strong, and the co-op play is impressive. Character customization is very deep as well, so you’ll have a lot of content to plow through when Dungeon Siege III hits home in May.