New Details On SSX: Deadly Descents

At this past Spike Video Game Awards in November, gamers were treated to the reveal of SSX: Deadly Descents. Little is actually known about the title other than it is developed by EA Sports and that the trailer seems to bring a more realistic approach to the series. In a recent issue of OXM some new details were brought to light on the upcoming title that is suitably scheduled for release sometime “next winter”.

Below is what was learned from the information revealed in the issue of OXM:

  • “Sequel is said to feature “great characters, great tricks, great environments, awesome speeds, great music, tight controls, and totally ridiculous gameplay.”
  • Like SSX games from the past, Deadly Descents will include short and longcuts.
  • One of the game’s taglines is “Race It, Trick It, Survive It,” with one main goal being getting off the mountain alive.
  • EA also gave examples of how survival challenges work in Deadly Descents, such as outracing avalanches, avoiding potentially fatal freezing “shady” areas and “getting through the Himalayas’ oxygen-barren ‘death zone’ before you black out.”
  • The mag also seemed to hint the dev team at EA Canada is looking to implement a social system similar to Need for Speed’s Autolog, saying the devs were impressed with how it was added into Criterion’s Hot Pursuit.
  • It’ll also be more approachable than Shaun White Snowboarding and 360-exclusive title Stoked.
  • The dev team was keen to point out that, despite previous rumours, the Skate team aren’t working on Deadly Descents. However, creative director Todd Batty was keen to compare the game to another EA title, saying it is “Burnout on snow”.

So, how many of you are looking forward to this more realistic approach to the SSX series?