Madden 12 Blog Unveils Two New Features

Sure many people around the US were busy watching the Black Eyed Peas performance at halftime, but during the halftime show the Madden Blog was putting on a show of its own. In the blog, two new features for the upcoming Madden NFL 12 game, due out later this year, were revealed for the very first time.

Though nothing huge was revealed tonight, it was nice to hear the route they are taking in Madden NFL 12. The first feature announced is the ability to perform surprise onside kicks. This is used to catch your opponent off guard and retain possession of the ball offensively. The second feature that was revealed via the blog is the “Tuner Sets” that will be implemented in the game for updates. This has already been used in other EA Sports titles like the NHL series, and for the first time this year in the NCAA Football series. Ian Cummings, Creative Director of Madden, had this to say on the “Tuner Sets” and what they would change within the game when implemented:

Gameplay tuning to franchise data to even presentation aspects.

So, who here is already liking what they hear about the upcoming Madden NFL 12? What else would you like to see implemented this year? Also remember that there is a current deal with Amazon going on for people who have yet to pick up Madden NFL 11.