The Tester: Season 2 Reunion Special Coming Next Week

This past season of The Tester had the most dramatic cast yet. Tensions were high throughout the entire season, largely in part to one “big” personality among the cast. So what’s to happen when the cast of The Tester: Season 2 gets back together for a reunion special?

The Tester: Season 2 finished with an over-the-top exciting finale, but truth be told, the real excitement was in the heated exchanges between cast members during the season. Next week, fan-favorites from The Tester: Season 2 cast will get back together for a very special reunion episode. Everything seems like a normal, happy reunion of friends — that is until Big Fazeek crashes the party.

To hold you over until next week when The Tester: Season 2 Reunion Special is made available to download on the PlayStation Network, we’ve got a promo clip, which you can check out below: