Kevin Butler: VP of Accidental Retweets

Oh that Kevin Butler. He’s done wonders for Sony and the PlayStation branding. Why, oh why KB would you do something like this? Do you think Sony might fire the gaming demigod for something of this magnitude?

Kevin Butler is awesome. We all know it. After the price-drop of the PlayStation 3 a year and a half ago and the new face added to the campaign, things have been going great. His Twitter personality has been even more astounding it seems with the kinds of hilarious one-liners and witty quips that he comes up with on a daily basis. Unfortunately someone seems to have gotten the best of whoever runs that account last night. Last night Twitter user @exiva (Travis La Marr) taunted KB with by tweeting him the PS3 Security Key. Whoever was replied as KB’s account last night apparently didn’t understand what the code and actually retweeted the code. Don’t believe it? Here’s a screenshot, censored of course.

No, it’s not a Battleship reference. The tweet was almost immediately taken down, but it’s hard to look past the irony of it all. La Marr holds no true ill will against Sony but is one of those people who is for the public knowledge of the key. Just as a matter of principal rather than malicious intent. He actually doesn’t even own a PS3. Sorry KB, someone seems to have gotten the best of you this time. Maybe you should change your title (just for today) to VP of Epic Fail.