Kevin Butler Raking in the Dough for Sony

April 6, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s jack of all trades spokesman, Kevin Butler, has been well received by the public here in the states. His ads deliver a striking one-two punch of information emphasizing the PlayStation 3’s value and features, as well as provide a humorous component missing from so many of today’s 30 second clips interrupting our favorite shows. SCEA’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Peter Dille, had a chance to reflect on the new ad campaign during last week’s MI6 marketing conference in San Francisco.

There’s no denying the firm’s “It Only Does Everything” campaign has had a massive, positive impact on hardware sales. Speaking on the subject, Dille said:

“PlayStation 3 sales are up 184 percent in the three months following the price drop, and while a lot of that has to do with price itself, we know from research that consumers are more educated as well.”

“Purchase intent went from 19 percent prior to the price drop, to 36 percent after this campaign started. And we’ve also tracked our competitors and they’ve fallen during the same time.”

These figures along with company wide enthusiasm paint a picture deeply contrasted with the situation the electronics giant found itself in not so long ago. Through the magic of hindsight emerged the realization that Sony’s first attempt at PlayStation 3 advertising wasn’t exactly effective.

“We get questions about the white room and the baby ad quite a bit. That whole campaign was to get people to say ‘What the […]? I need to understand more about what this is,’ ” he said. “That whole campaign was really about power and the power the PS3 has. But what we found was that this whole positioning was a bit intimidating to people. Our research also showed that Sony could be perceived as arrogant.”

Considering the executive turnover rate made apparent by the various titles Butler has held over the months, the burning question on the collective mind of Butler’s fan club is whether he’ll be sticking around. To that, Dille expressed Sony’s intent to keep him on board.

“You’re going to continue to see Kevin Butler highlighting new content that is hitting the platform. That will include PlayStation Move later this year and also 3D.”

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