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Sony’s Biggest E3 Flops

Sony has had some pretty stellar E3 showings as of late, but we must remember that it wasn’t always thus. Last generation was especially hard on Sony. Sure, it had Kevin Butler, but it also had the ApocalyPS3 of 2011, where Jack Tretton marched out on stage and apologized to everyone in the room. The PlayStation 3 went from “it only does everything” to “it only does 80710a06” in less than a month (I still have that T-shirt, actually). That was a dark time in PlayStation history.

The PlayStation has had a few other swings and misses when it came to E3 announcements. Some should have done well, since they looked good on paper, and others flopped harder than a professional soccer player before the press conference ended. Here are PlayStation’s biggest E3 flops over the years.

Did we miss any? Let us know what you think were Sony’s biggest E3 fails below!

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