Homefront Aims for Your Emotions, Which isn’t an Easy Shot

With a story involving North Korea invading North America, Homefront is a 2011 title that garners some warranted attention. As you’d expect, the developer Kaos Studios, is aiming to deliver an emotionally-driven experience. But that goal doesn’t come easily.

Kaos Studios is aiming to evoke emotion with Homefront, and its audio team has been put to work in an effort to do so. Audio director Matthew Harwood shared the following:

“To feel emotions in the game – I think it’s so important and it’s hard to do. It’s a huge thing to ask for. A lot of people claim that in games, right? It’s a hard thing to accomplish. I feel stuff when I play [Homefront] when the parents get shot and the kid’s screaming and all that kind of stuff.”

Heavy Rain was the last game I remember that was capable of delivering raw emotion through its narrative. Delivering an emotional experience requires not only believable audio, and a strong soundtrack, but an engrossing story as well. Since Homefront won’t be out until mid-March due to a minor delay, we won’t know whether or not Kaos Studios has achieved its goal for another month.