Telltale Developing ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Fables’ Games

Eisner Award winning post-apocalyptic Zombie comic series, The Walking Dead has always had a loyal following of fans, but the series grew exponentially in popularity after the release of a universally acclaimed TV series of the same name. Telltale Games are now taking the franchise to the next level, developing a episodic game series based on Robert Kirkman’s creation. Additionally, the developer is making episodic titles based on Fables, Bill Willingham’s long running comic book series.

During an interview with eMoney, Telltale announced the games, which will be episodic, much like their Back To The Future series, which is set to run for five episodes. Little has been announced about the titles, but Steve Allison, SVP of marketing for Telltale Games explained that the company had high hopes for their games:

“The Walking Dead” could become a $20 million to 30 million franchise if all goes well.

Kirkman and Willingham are hopefully involved in the projects, with Allison saying that Telltale always work closely with the original creators when creating games on existing franchises.

No platforms have been announced for either of the games, but Back To The Future originally released on PS3, PC and Mac and iPad later, so a similar platform release is not unlikely.

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