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GeoHot Disses Sony in Battle Rap, Reaches 1 Million Views

George Hotz, the man mostly responsible for the PS3 hack fiasco that’s been dragging on for weeks is, as you know, tied up in a legal battle with Sony’s top lawyers. But that didn’t stop the iPhone jailbreaker from uploading a rap video on Youtube that directly talks about his recent troubles in court.

The video below of his “rap” has reached over 1 million views on Youtube.

I”m glad he’s taking his legal issues so seriously. Especially when the entire PS3 userbase is missing out on possible firmware upgrades, rather than just security patches left and right that are trying to combat – but are failing to do so – recent hacks and piracy attempts.


Anyone notice the PS3 in the background?

Oh, and we know this is a little old at this point, but we never expected over a million people to view the video… and we didn’t have this photoshopped image ready a week ago.