Knights Contract Slices 6 New Gameplay Trailers

A slew of new gameplay videos for the upcoming action game Knights Contract have surfaced, showing off various moves and magic spells.

Knights Contract is slated to release in a couple days, and if you’re not already excited, then perhaps these gameplay trailers will change your mind. Set in Germany during the middle ages, Knights Contract places you in control of an immortal executioner named Heinrich, who is protecting the reincarnated witch, Gretchen. During combat players will need to protect Gretchen, who can be commanded to cast different spells to either support Heinrich by strengthening his weapons, or restraining large opponents and dealing damage to them. The fights are certainly visual pleasing, so check out the videos below and let us know what you think.

Hopefully this unique scenario creates a fun combat situation when Knights Contract releases later this week, on February 22nd. Will you be picking up a copy?