Worst Game Ever Hits PSN

The folks at iFun4All are trying to make the worst game ever, again, and this time they’re bringing one to PSN and calling it Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder.

It certainly is a new type of strategy, since if they fail to make the worst game ever, then by someone’s standards it’s still a success. For example, iFun4All previously released Crap of Defense for the iPhone and iPod touch, and received many positive reviews on the tower defense game. Having failed to make the worst game ever, they’re trying again with Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder. The game is essentially a PSP Minis port of Crap of Defense, so considering it’s previously positive reviews, it still may not even be the worst Mini ever.

The self described team of drunken developers claim they’re the worst in the world, and seem to insist upon bringing their terrible tower defense game to every one. It’s already out in the EU, and released today on the NA PSN store. Let us know if you pick it up, and if it’s as crap-tastic as they say it is.