Crisis Averted: No Online Pass for Crysis 2

Crysis 2, the sequel to the bane of graphics cards everywhere, is scheduled for release next month. It has online play and is being published by EA – this usually means an online portion that requires a separate purchase if the game is bought used. However, that appears to not be the case with this title.

While at a recent event in New York, GamerTagRadio was able to field a few questions to a developer from Crytek. They confirmed that Crysis 2 will not require an online pass in order to play multiplayer. Crytek is in the EA Partners program, and because of this they were given the option to include the pass in their game. This occurred during the early stages of the online pass, so Crytek did not want their game to become a beta test of sorts for the program. The developer also stated that Crytek concluded that because many console gamers may have yet to experience a Crysis game, this sort of system would serve as a deterrent between the players and the game’s online modes. The company is looking to have a long-running online portion of Crysis 2, so an online pass was ultimately decided against. Gamers everywhere who may have planned on renting or buying this game secondhand are likely breathing a sigh of relief right now.

Crysis 2 releases on March 22nd/25th in North America and Europe respectively.