“You Won’t be Disappointed” if You Give Home Another Chance

Since PlayStation Home’s release, the service has come under constant scrutiny as to what if really gives users other than a few neat additions such as mini-games and a game’s own space. The PS3 application failed to impress and attract a significant proportion of PlayStation Network users; however, despite this, Sony believe if those within that proportion give Home another chance then they won’t be disappointed.

PlayStation Home’s Platform Director, Peter Edward, recently told Develop in an intriguing interview:

I hear all the time ‘I logged on when it first launched but there was nothing there’ – but I urge people to go back on there. It’s been two years. We were always very proud of what we had achieved for launch, but we’re the first to admit it was basic back then.

Two years down the line it has come on in leaps and bounds, is vibrant, full of cool content and great games to play. It’s free – those who aren’t going in there are really missing out. If you think Home is what it was two years ago, do yourself a favour and have another look, you won’t be disappointed.

Edward continued to talk about the application which was released a few years back:

People buy a PlayStation 3 to primarily play games. Sure, it does a lot of other great things, but PS3 is driven by that. So our audience is predominantly gamers. They want games.

Since we’ve clarified that vision we’ve seen a huge amount of success, interest and positive feedback from the development community and users that this is right, that’s what makes people come back.

With over 17 million users, Home is starting to pick up; especially with more cool incentives such as blockbuster games having their own space so you can view their trailers, etc, and many more in-game items being added. But what’s your stance on the application? Do you regularly use PlayStation Home, and if not what would you like to see? Let us know via the comment section below.