Japan Gets Treated to a Proprietary Charging Dock and “Candy Blue” Controllers

When the PlayStation 3 was first launched, gamers were introduced to the Sixaxis controller. This controller had much of the same design as the PlayStation 2’s Dualshock 2, but lacked one major feature: rumble. Though the added bluetooth and motion control abilities were a nice addition, gamers longed for that feedback that rumble gave while playing their favorite titles. This is when Sony introduced the Dualshock 3, which now comes standard with all PlayStation 3’s. Since then there have been many new colors released for those wanting to customize the gaming center, and once again a new color is about to be released over in Japan, along with a must have accessory.

Sony will be treating Japan to Dualshock 3 in the “candy blue” flavor, along with an accessory in the form of a charging dock. This dock will allow users to charge up to two Dualshock 3’s at one time. This makes it the first official DualShock 3 charging dock released by Sony. Pictures of both new releases can be found below.

There is no word if these will ever make their way stateside, but I would get the dock in a heartbeat. Would you be interested in either of these accessories for your PlayStation 3?