Zipper Interactive Reveals Operational Intel for SOCOM 4 Beta

Zipper Interactive made it clear earlier this year that SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs will be in beta status for the month leading up to release. Gamers who purchased Killzone 3 received a code to join, and the beta phases and dates were revealed just over a day ago. But what will the beta include?

Dunham, a Senior Community Manager at Zipper Interactive, released an official FAQ on the SOCOM 4 forums which answers many of the questions regarding the beta that you may have. See the list of questions and answers below.

Q: Will the clan-matching system be available in the beta?

A: It will be available, yes.

Q: Can we create custom rooms in the beta?

A: No, you can’t create custom rooms in the beta.

Q: Will the beta have a party system?

A: No, there isn’t a party system available for the beta.

Q: Are the available times to play the SOCOM 4 beta limited?

A: There is no time limit, but we will limit what games modes are available each day. We’ll publish a schedule in the near feature.

Q: Is the beta is 3D-capable?

A: Don’t know this yet, still considering our options. Same with Sharp Shooter and PlayStation Move support.

Q: How many people are invited to the private beta?

A: We’re not revealing how many people we’re inviting, sorry.

Q: I want to be in the private beta, how do I get in?

A: Invitees have already been identified; Even so, Chris and I do plan on doing special promotions and code giveaways for those who aren’t on the original list

Q: What modes are available for play?

A: All four game modes are available to play in the beta: Bomb Squad, Last Defense, Suppression and Uplink. Additionally, all four game types will have “Standard” and “Classic” versions

Q: Which maps will we play?

A: There will be two to choose from – Port Authority and Assault and Battery. Port Authority is a naval port filled with equipment and shipping containers, while Assault and Battery is what remains of a WWII-era coastal fort that has since been abandoned.

Q: If I’m in the private beta, will I continue to play into the next phase?

A: Yes. Once you’re in the beta, you’re in it and not getting out.

Q: Will any of my stats or character progression carry over to the final game?

A: No. We want everyone to be on a level playing field on launch day (think of your early practice as your carry-over)

Two maps, four game modes, clan-matches, and the potential for 3D and Move support? Now that’s how a beta is done. If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to get your hands on the beta, check out our beta article. Either way, start counting, as SOCOM 4 is releasing on April 19th, just in time for you to enjoy Easter candy and some tactical military warfare.