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Cross Game Chat – Episode 29

March 7, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

GDC has just wrapped up and so the best possible way to sum it all up is with Episode 29 of Cross Game Chat, the official and OMG awesome podcast of PlayStation LifeStyle. Sadly the episode is only an hour long but as with anything in life, all good things must come to an end. Hop on the links below and enjoy the mellow and sexy sounds of the gang.


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With the Game Developers Conference in the rear view mirror, the crew gets back together (minus Allen, plus Joseph) with PMC and Cameron fighting jet-lag, mental fatigue, and in PMCs case, possible alcohol poison. This week sees a lot of GDC related news with upcoming beta’s coming in from every direction and the new user generated missions of Infamous 2. We also hear from PMC and Cameron who attended GDC about their winners and losers of the conference and the whole gang concerning their February winners and losers. Obsessions make a return this week and help us wrap up this episode into a nicely shaped box. Check back next week as monkey’s are almost guaranteed to fly out of our butts.