Cross Game Chat #64 – Games We’re Glad We Didn’t Review

November 28, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Today, is a fun podcast. We talk about games that we are glad we didn’t have to review – there are plenty of bad games that we are glad we didn’t review, but there are some AAA games on our list as well. In addition, Square Enix is back in the news again… no, it isn’t good news. Also, John Carmack is complaining about discussing the limits of developing for consoles. On the bright side, there is some great news about the PlayStation Vita and remote play.

This Week’s News Topics

Rumor: Vita Allows You to Play All PS3 Games Anywhere With Remote Play Read>>

Sony: PS4 Releasing Significantly Later Than Competition Would Be “Undesirable” Read>>

Ridge Racer Vita Might Be A Glorified Demo Read>>

Killzone 3 Multiplayer May Be Sold Separately Read>>

Motorstorm RC Announced Read>>

Square Enix Shares Reasons Behind Producing FFXIII-2 Read>>

Carmack Found it Too Hard to Obtain 60 FPS on Consoles Read>>

Suikoden PSP Gets Release Date in Japan Read>>

Unfortunately, our media player still isn’t working, so use the direct download link or get the file from the RSS feed to listen.

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Next week, we will talking about the winners and losers for November. We want to hear what games were on your radar, so be sure to send in an email to [email protected] or PSLifeStyle Via Twitter. We are also looking for any ideas for features. If we don’t get ideas, then Cameron has to come up with the feature and that always ends badly.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation

D.N. Angel

PMC’s Music Pick

Rise Against