Dragon Age 2 Takes Flight With Trailer

March 9, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Dragon Age 2 releases today in North America, and BioWare has accompanied the game with a trailer showing it off.

Dragon Age 2 is the follow up to Bioware’s successful 2009 RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, and is aiming on improving upon its predecessor in nearly every way. The main character, named Hawke, is fully voiced throughout the game. A dialogue wheel similar to Mass Effect‘s has also been included, allowing for a more personable character to develop throughout the game. As a trade off however, players will no longer be selecting a starting race. Instead they’ll choose from one of three classes and their gender, along with being able to customize their character’s appearance. The game is also supposed to include a slicker combat system, and revamped controls to make playing tactically easier.

Dragon Age 2 starts during the last events of Dragon Age: Origins, with the Hawke and his or her family escaping from darkspawn in a desperate attempt to survive. Events lead to the blight being defeated, and in the process players are given the opportunity to choose how history plays out. They may either load the ending from a previous game of Dragon Age: Origins, or choose from one of three preset outcomes. Either way a long adventure awaits, as Hawke travels the arduous path of becoming The Champion of Kirkwall.

As you can see, preliminary reviews indicate that Dragon Age 2 is a promising game. Our own review is on the way, so we’ll find out soon if Champion Hawke’s quest is worth venturing through. The game released in North America today, and will hit shelves in Europe on March 11th. Will you be carving your way through monsters in Dragon Age 2?