Mortal Kombat Comes Equipped with Custom Soundtrack Support on PS3, Fans Rejoice

If there’s one thing we’re always on the hunt for, it’s games that fully utilize the wealth of features available to developers on the PlayStation 3. Of those features, one of the more prolific would be that of custom soundtrack support. One title in particular will be carrying this feature, and we think you’ll be mighty happy about it.

The demo for the new Mortal Kombat has been out for a few days now, over a week if you’re a PlayStation Plus user, and yet most players never even bothered to check for custom soundtrack support. While playing the demo the other night, we decided to go ahead and check to see if it indeed carried this feature, since Mortal Kombat’s original soundtrack isn’t all that hot. Sure enough, it did… and we were absolutely stoked about it. Now, not only can you go all out in viscous combat, but you can do it to your favorite tunes as well. We were surprised to discover, through various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., that most gamers had no idea this feature even existed, and were more than ecstatic to hear the news.

Not only that, but NetherRealm Studios did it the right way, by replacing the game’s soundtrack and keeping the action sound effects and voice-overs intact. Additionally, you don’t need to go through any in-game menus to do it, so this is straight-to-XMB native support. A lot of fans were wondering what it would be like to experience one of the more incredible current-gen Mortal Kombat titles with the 90’s Mortal Kombat movie theme playing in the background… Well now everyone can! And those sneaky developers didn’t think we’d notice this nice little extra.

Any tunes you plan on incorporating into this grotesquely entertaining game? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to keep your eye on PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest info on what is shaping up to be one of the greatest fighting games this generation. Mortal Kombat hits store shelves on April 19th.