Dead Island to Feature Families in Peril

You might remember that terrifyingly lifelike trailer for Dead Island back in February. The video spread across the web like a pandemic following its release, and while it was an outstanding showcasing of CGI, no actual footage of the title was shown. However, that isn’t to say that major elements from the trailer won’t be woven into the experience.

Vincent Kummer, brand manager at Deep Silver, shared this week that the iconic family that gave Dead Island‘s recent trailer its overwhelming sense of emotion will be incorporated into the experience:

“We took a random family in the trailer, and you’re going to be seeing them again in the game at some point. We want to show that when [a zombie outbreak] happens in a random place in the world, that everyone is affected.”

Dead Island appears to be aiming to deliver a narrative driven survival experience layered in intense survival situations. Kummer’s quote indicates just that, and it’s certainly a courageous goal to attempt to portray a chaotic world filled with zombies and disorder in such a way that it evokes emotion. I can’t remember the last time we saw a game execute on that premise, but there’s a first time for everything.

Deep Silver is currently scheduled to release Dead Island later this year around Fall.