Get Intimate with Zombie Destruction in Dead Island

Zombies are becoming standard fair in nearly every form of popular culture it seems, so what does it take to make a game featuring the undead unique again? It looks like we’re about to find out.

Dead Island was originally announced back in 2007 by Polish video game developer Techland. Made famous for their Call of Juarez franchise, including the recently announced Cartel, Techland was never able to get a publisher for title. Its priority was pushed further and further onto the back burner until everyone pretty much forgot about it. But now Deep Silver is on board to publish the game and, after watching the trailer, you’ll see why we’re excited.

Described as a “first-person zombie-slasher/action-RPG,” Dead Island looks to stand out in the oversaturated genre by giving people as few guns as possible. Projectile weapons will be few and far between, with ammunition even more sparse. The variety of weapons found throughout the entire resort island will be at the player’s disposal. To keep things interesting after so many hours of braindead massacre, the RPG elements bring a much needed change of pace. The player can earn new skills and abilities after gaining levels and spending points in a skill tree.

Very little information about Dead Island is actually out right now. The game is currently set for a 2011 release for PS3, PC and 360, so expect much more information to drop in the coming months. PlayStation LifeStyle will be your source for your zombie-loving needs, so be sure to stay tuned.