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Sony Xperia Live Advertising Goes Hard… Really Hard

Since the announcement of the Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson has been utilizing a rather creepy advertising campaign, seemingly more interested in freaking people out, than actually selling them a phone. In Taiwan, however, Sony are taking a much more upbeat route, with the company showing its light-hearted approach in a hilarious video. A video showcasing the tenacity of the new Sony Xperia advertising campaign. I don’t know who was hired to play Mr. Android, but he’s got a lot of skill, that’s for sure. Prepare for the coolest video you’ll see today.

The video was captured by a passer-by at what appears to be a Sony Xperia Play display at a mall in Taiwan. The dancer in the Android suit, needless to say, is phenomenal. If Sony were to seriously market a breakdancing Android mascot like this, they would more than likely have a hit on their hands.

Check out the full video below:

The Sony Xperia Play gaming phone is rumored to be hitting retailers sometime next month. What do you think about Sony’s borderline viral advertising campaign? Let us know in the comments below!