Resident Evil: Raccoon City Announced in Xbox Mag

March 25, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Developer Slant Six has handed the reigns for SOCOM back to its rightful owner, Zipper Interactive.  But they’re not done working on squad-based shooters. In fact, they’ve long been rumored to be developing Resident Evil: Raccoon City, which has received an official reveal via the Official Xbox Magazine in the US. Who says rumors aren’t normally true?

According to the magazine, Raccoon City will have 3 major factions. As a member of the Umbrella Security Services Squad, your mission is to take out remaining survivors of the T-Virus and destroy evidence. There’s also US Spec Ops and bio-organic monsters created by none other than Umbrella.

The magazine goes on to detail how you will be able to “change the history of Resident Evil“. Read all about it in this month’s issue of OXM.

Resident Evil: Raccoon City is set to release this fall for the PS3 and 360. Stay tuned here as more details pour in.