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FEAR 3 Official Story Trailer is Predictably Spooky

Publisher Warner Bros. has not released any news or media related to their upcoming horror shooter, FEAR 3, ever since the company disappointed the IP’s fans by delaying it. They have now, however, released a new story trailer for the multi-platform shooter that showcases the game’s story.

FEAR 3, currently in development from Day 1 Studios and was delayed from an initial release schedule of 2010 to March, 2011, which was then followed by yet another delay to May. Let’s hope there’s no more delays.

Check out the official FEAR 3 story trailer below.

FEAR 3 will differentiate itself from its predecessors by including intriguing new features for the franchise such as co-op, an improved cover system and for the game to be one of the, if not the scariest title’s you’ll ever come across.