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White Knight Chronicles II Confirmed for US Release

April 7, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

White Knight Chronicles filled the once empty void of RPGs plaguing the PS3. The game received plenty of praise from fans and critics, but never really took off. Since then, plenty of RPGs have released on the PS3 (just ask our resident RPG groupie, Cameron Teague). Developer Level-5 and SCEJ released a sequel in June of 2010, but the release was restricted to Japan with no plans for SCEA to bring it stateside. Another publisher has stepped in, and will be bringing White Knight Chronicles II to the US.

D3 Publisher has confirmed a North American release for White Knight Chronicles II. A date has not yet been set, but D3 Publisher has told IGN that a remastered copy of the first White Knight Chronicles will be included with every copy of White Knight Chronicles II.